Clearing the Mental Mess with Rico Gomez

How leaders show up matters. Many are on board with performing at a higher level and encouraging their teams to do the same. Unfortunately, organizations feel that they need to “fix” employees quickly so they embrace one-and-done training programs that ultimately don’t work.

Clearing the mental mess and engaging in transformational change takes dedication and practice. The best wellness and mindset practices take time to become habits, especially when you want them to stick.

This week on the podcast, I’m talking with Rico Gomez, mental health coach to high performing athletes and corporate leaders. He shares more about the process of building habits that result in resilient leaders and trusting teams and how you too can clear your own mental mess!

There’s a lot of knowledge in this episode, including the value of accountability, leading teams to success, keeping senior leadership engaged, and the difference between between your brain and your mind.

It’s about the tools your leaders have and receive, and it’s within all of them to grow.

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About Rico Gomez:

Certified in mental health with a background of psychology and counselling, Rico Gomez is a mental health coach.

His passion is to help working professionals become unstuck from the mental chaos in order experience life to the fullest. Rico’s drive for mental health and well-being stems from his own battle with mental illness and being able to overcome the barriers of anxiety and depression.

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