Cultivate Compassionate Leadership with Laura Berland

Who says compassion doesn’t belong at work? Not Laura Berland, founder and executive director of the non-profit Center for Compassionate Leadership. For Laura (and, frankly, me), compassion has a very central place in the workplace and leadership.

Though there are skeptics, there is scientific evidence that compassion in the workplace supports more productive teams and more profits for the organization. But the compassion gets to start from within and this is a skill that can be taught – you can cultivate compassion within yourself and it starts with taking care of yourself first.

On this episode, Laura and I talk about the difference between compassion and empathy, why there are skeptics out there, how to meet those skeptics where they’re at, why vulnerability is so important, what it means to be a compassionate leader, and so much more.

We need more conversations like this, rather than those where we’re trying to convince others to think our way. Everyone has their own path and their own timeline. Hopefully, with more conversations and evidence around the benefits of compassion, those skeptics will become believers. Until then, listen in and be a positive role model for change!

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About Laura Berland:

Laura Berland is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Center for Compassionate Leadership. Through community, education, and research, the Center supports leaders as catalysts to open hearts and minds to our shared common humanity, and to urgently develop solutions to global crises and suffering at scale. The Center’s groundbreaking approach brings evidence-based principles of modern leadership and the latest scientific research together with the wisdom of contemplative practices. Laura developed the research proven Compassionate Leadership Model, which has been the foundation for engaging thousands of leaders from over 60 countries to embrace the practice of compassion from the inside out.


For over 40 years, Laura has been a weaver of transformative organizations and experiences, as a serial tech entrepreneur, Fortune 500 executive, meditation educator, yoga therapist, master facilitator, non-profit board member, executive advisor, and digital media creator. Laura is an alumna of Cornell University and New York University.

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