Empathy in the Workplace with Karla McLaren

Have you ever taken a moment to look at who is championing empathy in the workplace? Who’s demonstrating empathy and talking about feelings and who might be hiding behind their computer screens?

It probably comes as no surprise that it’s typically women and female-identifying team members who talk about and demonstrate empathy in the workplace. This is a societal issue that started long before sexism and misogyny were recognized.

This week on the podcast, I’m talking with social science researcher and empathy pioneer Karla McLaren, M.Ed. about why this is and how we can shift some workplace dynamics to create safe environments where everyone has the emotional vocabulary to talk about their feelings and manage their emotions.

In the episode, Karla shares how to fix the conditioning of gender expectations around emotions and where we can find an emotional vocabulary list so we can get in tune with our own emotions.

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About Karla McLaren:

Karla McLaren, M.Ed. is an award-winning author, social science researcher, and empathy pioneer. Her work focuses on her grand unified theory of emotions, which revalues even the most “negative” emotions and opens startling new pathways into self-awareness, effective communication, and healthy empathy. She is the founder and CEO of Emotion Dynamics Inc. and the developer of the Empathy Academy online learning site.

Karla is the author of The Power of Emotions at Work: Accessing the Vital Intelligence in Your Workplace (2021), Embracing Anxiety: How to Access the Genius of this Vital Emotion (2020), The Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook (2018), The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill (2013), The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings are Trying to Tell You (2010), and many other books and audio learning programs. 

She is online at KarlaMcLaren.com and EmpathyAcademy.org. You can connect with Karla on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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