S01 | E01 Building Resilient Teams with Brandy Payne

Our mental health is the foundation for everything we do and everything we are. This is why supporting employee wellness in the workplace is so important. Burnout is a serious problem for employees across all industries, leading to declining mental wellness in workplaces across the board. What happens at work follows us home and vice versa, so how can we prevent burnout and harmful experiences at work? What impact can workplace leadership have in creating a supportive, healthy environment for their employees? Brandy Payne joins the podcast today to share her expertise on creating an engaged and supported leadership, healthy workload balance, and opening communication on mental health in the workplace. By investing time in preventative measures, teams can become more resilient, productive, and avoid burnout. From setting limits to having conversations surrounding employee mental wellness, Brandy shares how leadership can support their team members to get through hard things in a healthy way. Listen in to learn more.

About Brandy Payne:

Brandy Payne helps teams beat stress and burnout at work so they’re mentally healthier, happier, more resilient, and better able to do their jobs no matter what happens. As a CMHA-certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, she gives team members the tools and skills they need to look after their own mental health, while addressing the underlying factors that harm mental health at work.Brandy is also a former Associate Minister of Health in Alberta, CA. She was responsible for mental health and substance abuse and she brings her education, personal experience, and professional experience to her work. To learn about building more resilient teams through mental health in the workplace, visit Brandy’s website and follow her on LinkedIn

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