S01 | E04 Making Mental Health a Focus with Adam Nebbs

What tools are available to promote good mental health in your workplace? 

There is no silver bullet when it comes to creating a healthy work environment, and no organization will get it right 100% of the time. But by making it a continuous focus in your organization, you can create a work environment that promotes sustainable positive mental health for your employees.

Adam Nebbs joins the podcast today to discuss his perspective on workplace mental health and why it matters. From leadership support to addressing the stigma around mental health in the workplace, Adam dives into the importance of organizations making mental health a focus and the different tools and resources available so you can meet your people where they’re at.

About Adam Nebbs:

Adam Nebbs is a PhD student studying workplace mental health at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research in Tasmania. He has a lived experience of anxiety and spends his life learning how to be his best self. He is the co-host of a podcast called Settling’s Not an Option where he uses those lessons to teach others. Adam has a 5 year old who he considers one of his mentors, as she teaches him some big lessons about life and fatherhood.

To learn more you can connect with Adam on LinkedIn.

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