S01 | E06 Creating Psychologically Safe Spaces with Heike Cantrup

Whether virtual or in-person, employee or consultant, the importance of the workplace being a safe space can’t be overstated. It opens the door for needed conversations, regardless of what is going on in the world or in personal lives, and it helps build strong team relationships.

Today’s guest, Heike Cantrup, was eager to come on the podcast and share how a leader in her life has been able to accomplish creating a psychologically safe space at work. As a contractor, Heike found this especially valuable in making her feel welcome and part of the team. So, how was he able to accomplish this?

It really breaks down to keeping an open line of connection and showing vulnerability and compassion. He understands that his employees and contractors are human and need that element of freedom and trust in the workplace. Listen in for the details and the steps you can take to start creating safe spaces in your own teams.

About Heike Cantrup:

Heike Cantrup is a PMP accredited Project and Program Manager within the IT sector. With over 15 years of experience, she thrives in environments where projects need to be rescued and teams need to be organized. Infrastructure and software upgrade projects are her forte, and she enjoys speaking with business centric stakeholders as it enables her to practice speaking without using technical specific terms.

She is an active women of IT coach, and has recently taken on a Board position as VP of Relationship Management with WomenIN. They are a not-for-profit group uniting women 20+ transform the future through unique events, networking, leadership and providing a platform of resources.

Heike is a proud mother of two kids, loves fitness, enjoys movement activities outdoors, and has a passion for live music and streamed content of funk, jazz, hiphop, house, drum and bass, and more.

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