S01 | E08 Mindful Leadership with Sarah Jenner

When it comes to your leadership, are you walking the talk? Think about it. You’re probably saying all the right things to your team, like telling them to take their breaks and vacations and that they can always come talk to you. But are you actually modeling that behavior for them and providing the mechanisms to make sure these things are happening?

This is just one piece of what’s called “mindful leadership”, and it’s what today’s guest, Sarah Jenner, is here to talk about today. She understands the disconnect that is often found between organizational leadership and their employees. Sarah teaches that through having a true commitment to your team and their mental well-being, you will watch them flourish and grow along with your organization.

Listen in to learn how you can be a mindful leader and build a healthy connection of trust, respect, and safety with your team.

About Sarah Jenner:

Sarah Jenner, the Executive Director of Mindful Employer Canada believes dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to share their journey with you. Mindful Employer Canada, a non-profit, emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support organizations to create workplaces that are productive, inclusive, innovative, and ambitious.

Sarah and her team do this by creating programs that teach leaders how to resolve workplace challenges using strategies that focus on commitment rather than compliance and empowerment rather than criticism. This helps leaders meet goals like commitment-based management, having difficult conversations, fair process leadership, and setting personal goals.

Keep up with the work of Mindful Employer Canada by following them on Instagram.

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