S01 | E09 Diversity in the Workplace with Kanchan Prinsloo

Our cultural experiences shape who we are and the color of our skin often shapes the culture we get to experience. To be good leaders, team members, and allies understanding how to approach the topic of race and ethnicity in the workplace is necessary to ensure equal opportunity and clear communication! Join Kanchan Prinsloo, an Executive Coach with a focus of diversity and equity in the workplace, and I as she educates me on race, leadership, and the often overlooked experiences of BIPOC in the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • The cultural experiences of BIPOC leaders and employees left unexplored may be leading to misconceptions about them.
  • Have coffee with your employees to appreciate their uniqueness.
  • How do we offer constructive criticism?
  • Do your own research on systemic racism and discrimination.
  • What does it mean when BIPOC “cover”?
  • Our biases can be implicit i.e. held subconsciously.

About Kanchan Prinsloo:

As a leader who worked in various senior positions for over twenty five years,  Kanchan has experienced first-hand the unique pressures associated with being at the intersectionality of race and gender in a leadership role.  It is these experiences along with ongoing work, that shape Kanchan’s approach to coaching and building her company to support culturally diverse leaders and organizations.

Kanchan holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Certification in Executive Coaching.  Her commitment to women of color executives leading powerfully aligns with her extensive international diversity program training. You can learn more about her on LinkedIn and her consulting company, KaPri Consulting Inc.

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