S01 | E10 Understanding Workplace Bullying with Ruthann Weeks

Did you know 45% of Canadians report being bullied at work? Or that workplace bullying can be in different forms? Ruthann Weeks, our guest this episode, has firsthand experience with toxic workplace environments and has dedicated her professional life to creating psychologically safe spaces for all. Join us this week as she shares some amazing insights into stress management, creating healthy workplaces, professional self-empowerment, and how to keep from becoming just another bystander in these situations. You won’t wanna miss this episode.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take the time to make an appointment with your emotions– catharsis is a great form of intentional self-care.
  • Your emotional state influences that state of your body.
  • There are different forms of bullying that can take place in the workplace such as mobbing.
  • Looking at the turnover rate is a good indicator of a workplace’s environment. Anything between 5% to 10% may be cause for caution.
  • SNAP method for being a good bystander– See it, Name it, Ask about it, Provide support.
  • Leaders embracing the concepts will be the talent takers in the 21st century as Millennials and Gen Z take their place in the workforce.

About Ruthann Weeks

Ruthann Weeks is a Cultural Change Strategist and Principal Consultant at Harmony In The Workplace. She is a change agent whose efforts have helped to bring the importance of an abuse-free work environment to the forefront of public awareness. She is a best-selling author and gifted speaker who delivers a powerful message about today’s workplace challenges. Working as a Certified Resource Specialist in the human service sector, Ruthann went on to graduate as a Human Resource Manager. She is a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor and specializes in diversity and inclusion, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, domestic violence and mental health in the workplace. Find her on her website.

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