Skills Training with Lasting Impact with McKendree Hickory

Offering leadership training and development is essential in the workplace, for organizations of all sizes. But it must be training grounded in small behaviors, rather than big and sweeping changes so the training has lasting impact.

You’ve been there: sitting in a training room, listening to a presentation that encompasses so much information–good information–but the next day you’re challenged to remember any of it. The training wasn’t set up for success. 

This week on the podcast, I’m talking to McKendree Hickory of Life Labs Learning, an organization dedicated to ensuring that leadership training makes the biggest impact in the shortest time possible. In our conversation, McKendree and I talk about forming habits, giving and receiving feedback, why leaders need to learn to ask good questions, why we should do away with the term “inclusive leadership” and more.

As a leadership trainer myself, I appreciate McKendree’s take on why training needs to start long before the training actually starts, and how to accomplish this.

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About McKendree Hickory:

McKendree supports the development and direction of the Life Labs Learning facilitation team. She has a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology, with a research focus on conviction, women’s leadership development, and developmental experiences in the workplace. She has delivered leadership training at over 300 companies and led learning and development at the fully remote company, InVision.

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