Avoiding Use it or Lose it with Rob Whalen

Taking time off of work is important to recharge, but sometimes other things are more important to an employee. Find out more about other ways organizations can “exchange” paid time off (PTO) time to better meet the needs of their employees.

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Skills Training with Lasting Impact with McKendree Hickory

Organizations want better leaders, and they create training programs and bring in experts to help support that end goal. But before you schedule your next session, think about how to set your leaders and your organization up for success so that skills training will have lasting impact.

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The Humanity of Mental Health with Cerys Cook

Putting the humanity back in the workplace is essential. And it’s organizations like Swift Medical that are leading the way. Listen in to hear some ideas of how to normalize mental health conversations at work starting with your next team meeting.

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Support Your Human Capital with Jim Link

Investing in your people, having empathy for where they are right now, and offering support in their mental and emotional health will pay dividends for your business. This week on the podcast, I’m talking to THE person who would know: Jim Link, the chief human resources officer of the Society of Human Resource Management.

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Emotional Technology and Work with Javier Santos

We’ve been taught that emotions have no place at work but that’s impossible because our emotions drive our thoughts and thinking is how we do our jobs. Learn about emotional technology and what happens in your brain, your mind and your body by pushing your emotions down.

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Organizational Justice with Nicole Butts

In this episode, we talk about the fear of pushback when you start talking about diversity, why it’s okay to get it wrong (because you will), the role of organizational justice in your DEI work, and the future of diversity work.

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The Top Mental Health Skills We Could All Use

“This is the one area we keep coming back to to go, “Are we making this as accessible as possible?” People are always saying, “I’m in back to back meetings,” we’re all on Zoom, right? You look at everybody’s schedule and it’s just hard to catch a breath. And we didn’t want this to feel like just another meeting in a calendar.”

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Addiction in the Workplace with Joseph Gardzina

Talking about addiction in the workplace can be tough but with mental health challenges on the rise, substance use is more and more prevalent at work. You have a great opportunity to provide a level of support that would truly benefit your team members and colleagues (and friends and family!) through addiction and recovery and this episode will share how.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in a Silo with Andrea Tatum

Diversity, equity and inclusion is vital work, but too often it’s work that’s added to someone’s already full plate. This is just one of the mistakes that organizations make when trying to do the work. This week on the podcast, DEI disruptor and consultant Andrea Tatum is sharing the importance of the work, how DEI professionals can take care of themselves, and why change is needed.

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Self-Aware Leadership with Susan Elford

S02 | E04 Self-Aware Leadership with Susan Elford

Are you aware of where you are along your personal leadership journey? Many people believe that those who are in leadership roles need to be doing all of the things all of the time. Today’s guest, however, strives to counter this point by teaching that we can all bring more value to our organizations by being self-aware human beings instead of overworked human doings.

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S02 | E03 Raising Collective Wellness with Dennis Shinski

Today’s guest, Dennis Shinski, is all about raising our collective wellness, and he joins me today to share a plethora of ways we can achieve this. From simply acknowledging that things need to change to organization-wide training and education, he shares from experience how being proactive in the mental health space can create a culture of wellness that benefits everyone.

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S02 | E02 Cultural Competency with Shahzia Noorally

From the very beginning in recruitment and onboarding, company values should be apparent. On today’s episode of the podcast, we learn from Shahzia Noorally the best way to accomplish this through storytelling and building a culture surrounding vulnerability about personal experiences. Share your story, look for connection, and allow space for your people to be human in the workplace.

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S02 | E01 Leveling the Playing Field with Darby Young

Darby Young joins us on the podcast today to discuss why accessibility in the workspace is so important and how it can be implemented in the office. Different employees will require unique approaches, and the workforce needs more forward-thinking leaders making offices more accessible and inclusive for all. By being flexible and making the workplace accessible, organizations prove that persons with disabilities are valued workers and not simply there to check boxes.

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S01 | E12 Solve the Productivity Problem with Dawn O’Connor

Today’s guest, Dawn O’Connor, is a productivity expert and she has practical, actionable advice that can help improve productivity by reducing stress for employees across the board. With proper support, training, and boundaries, employees will naturally improve their efficiency and display higher job satisfaction.

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S01 | E11 Happier at Work with Aoife O’Brien

Data analytics is just one of the elements in making employees feel happy and valued at work. Today’s guest, Aoife O’Brien, is a Happiness at Work expert, and she joins us to share her expertise in how keeping employees happy is beneficial for everyone. By using data, knowing and meeting the unique needs of employees, and aligning the values of your organization, the workplace can be a psychologically safe space that builds trust, loyalty, and authenticity throughout its ranks.

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S01 | E10 Understanding Workplace Bullying with Ruthann Weeks

Did you know 45% of Canadians report being bullied at work? Or that workplace bullying can be in different forms? Ruthann Weeks, our guest this episode, has firsthand experience with toxic workplace environments and has dedicated her professional life to creating psychologically safe spaces for all. Join us this week as she shares some amazing insights into stress management, creating healthy workplaces, professional self-empowerment, and how to keep from becoming just another bystander in these situations. You won’t wanna miss this episode.

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S01 | E09 Diversity in the Workplace with Kanchan Prinsloo

Our cultural experiences shape who we are and the color of our skin often shapes the culture we get to experience. To be good leaders, team members, and allies understanding how to approach the topic of race and ethnicity in the workplace is necessary to ensure equal opportunity and clear communication! Join Kanchan Prinsloo, an Executive Coach with a focus of diversity and equity in the workplace, and I as she educates me on race, leadership, and the often overlooked experiences of BIPOC in the workplace.

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S01 | E08 Mindful Leadership with Sarah Jenner

When it comes to your leadership, are you walking the talk? Think about it. You’re probably saying all the right things to your team, like telling them to take their breaks and vacations and that they can always come talk to you. But are you actually modeling that behavior for them and providing the mechanisms to make sure these things are happening?

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S01 | E06 Creating Psychologically Safe Spaces with Heike Cantrup

Today’s guest, Heike Cantrup, was eager to come on the podcast and share how a leader in her life has been able to accomplish creating a psychologically safe space at work. As a contractor, Heike found this especially valuable in making her feel welcome and part of the team. So, how was he able to accomplish this?

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S01 | E04 Making Mental Health a Focus with Adam Nebbs

Adam Nebbs joins the podcast today to discuss his perspective on workplace mental health and why it matters. From leadership support to addressing the stigma around mental health in the workplace, Adam dives into the importance of organizations making mental health a focus and the different tools and resources available so you can meet your people where they’re at.

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S01 | E03 Having Fun in the Workplace with Robert Manolson

Today’s guest has a solution for creating positive team mental health: fun at work. Robert Manolson teaches us that the key to building a fun and engaging workplace is creating an energetic, playful experience where people feel comfortable being open and creating connections. In his work, Robert has proven that fun at work is essential to positive team mental health.

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S01 | E01 Building Resilient Teams with Brandy Payne

Brandy Payne joins the podcast today to share her expertise on creating an engaged and supported leadership, healthy workload balance, and opening communication on mental health in the workplace. By investing time in preventative measures, teams can become more resilient, productive, and avoid burnout. From setting limits to having conversations surrounding employee mental wellness, Brandy shares how leadership can support their team members to get through hard things in a healthy way.

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S01 | E02 Human in the Workplace with Christine Bandy

On this episode of the podcast, Christine Bandy jumps in the conversation to give us an answer. Just start simple. You know your people best. Listen intentionally and make the small changes your team needs to feel comfortable truly being themselves at work. Consistent, ongoing support and resources can create a culture shift toward an authentic, human workplace. Tune in now to hear more of Christine’s story and experiences surrounding human connection at work.

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Burnout when you have nothing left to give

Burnout: When you Have Nothing Else to Give

I realized I’d lost my hope the day I recognized I got it back. Totally innocuous moment – driving along, thinking of nothing important – when I sat up a little taller…and immediately slouched back down. Waves of emotion were rolling over me, from pride and relief, to fear and

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meetings all the time

All the meetings, all the time.

I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m in nothing but meetings…all.day.long. Way more than before the Coronavirus pandemic, when the majority of my colleagues were working at the office and I was working from my home. Something has shifted in our collective mindset – I think a

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hope has a birthday

Hope has a birthday.

The magic of Hope started for me exactly a year ago. My husband and I were out on a dog walk and I was feeling blah – moping along, complaining about feeling uninspired, not typically joyful and really, unmotivated to do much more than go through the paces of my

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plans in sand goals in concrete

Plans in sand.

September is my favourite time of year. It’s usually still warm during the day but getting cooler for sleeping at night. The leaves start slowly but surely changing color, starting their colorful descent into fall. And the campgrounds empty out, leaving lots of space for us fall campers! It also

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meditation can be cool

Meditation can be cool.

BusinessLink invited me to be on two panels last week, at events they host each month for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Alberta. The topic was well-being and how to manage your health while also growing a business, the struggles of which I’m all too familiar with. Really interesting

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