The Humanity of Mental Health with Cerys Cook

It’s time to start putting the humanity back in the workplace (if it was there in the first place), and that’s exactly what Cerys Cook and Swift Medical are doing. While mental health and wellness has always been on Swift’s radar, some new standard actions across the board are part of its new initiative to be people-centered and normalize mental health conversations at work.

Health and wellness benefits goes well beyond health insurance and time to attend doctor’s appointments. It’s about checking in on how you’re feeling and ensuring that your team leaders know you’re human. That sounds simple, but when many organizations are (rightfully) focused on the bottom line, it’s typical to leave conversations about feelings out of the conversation. But when we take a few moments to check in each week, we can support one another for the benefit of team members and the organization as a whole.

Imagine that!

In our conversation, Cerys and I talk about the evolution of this practice at Swift, why Swift has so few policies around this work, and what it feels like to be a human resources professional right now. And Cerys gives us a great example of how to get the buy-in from leadership when you’re bringing the idea of mental health conversations to them.

This is a must-listen and such a refreshing approach to mental health in the workplace.

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About Cerys Cook:

Cerys is the Chief People Officer at Swift Medical leading people strategy, employer branding and team member experiences. Cerys has always held a profound passion for changing the face of “HR” from the principal’s office to being deeply embedded in core company strategy. She has spent over 20 years working in the start-up / scale-up space directly with CEO’s, creating award winning inclusive workplaces and augmenting strong values-based cultures.

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