Understanding the Other with Dr. Wes Thiessen

Everyone wants to be understood and heard and it’s usually a lack of listening and understanding that breeds conflict. No matter where it happens, conflict creates stress and unhealthy situations–something none of us should have to endure. 

The solution? If a conflict can’t be resolved, conflict resolution is the answer. But that doesn’t mean having the two people in conflict sitting down with a manager or in-house HR professional. Bias happens, and even if it’s perceived bias, it’s important for all parties involved to feel safe and that the mediator is neutral.

That’s where someone like Dr. Wes Thiessen of Understanding the Other comes in. And misunderstandings and conflict is exactly what we’re talking about on this week’s episode.

Wes shares why a third party is often best for conflict resolutions, how a HR professional can communicate when a third party is necessary, and why resolving conflict quickly is in everyone’s best interests.

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About Dr. Wes Thiessen:

After many years of living in Muslim majority contexts, Wes is involved in intercultural, multi-faith dialogue with respect, dignity and honour for each participant. He is engaged in facilitating mutual understand and respect through a sincere understanding of the culture and beliefs of others. He has a high level of understanding of Islam, Christianity and Judaism through not only an academic perspective, but through also living in those contexts in a long-term setting. He is currently serving as part-time Pastor at Dalemead Church in Dalemead, AB, just outside of Calgary.

An experienced educator, he has been involved in and taught learning language and culture through in-depth relationship with others who live life with intention. Connect with Wes on LinkedIn.

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