Unlocking Your Leadership Potential with Dr. Alex Alonso

When we take care of our leaders and their mental health, we’re all able to show up as our best selves–at work and at home. As leaders in human resources, we can do this by unlocking potential by supporting them to growth their mental health skills – in empathy, leadership, and coping with challenges.

This is important because organizations that are viewed as highly empathetic have employees that are more likely to positively talk about their company to friends, peers, and families. And organizations that truly focus on culture are twice as likely to retain their employees.

We’re in a world of change, with the great resignation and the lesser-talked about great retirement. Both are impacting the workplace in ways we couldn’t have predicted.

This week on the podcast, I’m happy to share this and more with you from Dr. Alexander Alonso, the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Chief Knowledge Officer. We’re talking about unlocking leadership potential, the benefits of having taboo conversations, why we need to hold onto our talent, and so much more. Alex also shares more about the conversations he had at the recent SHRM conference and his newest book about making the most of polarizing conversations.

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About Dr. Alex Alonso:

Alexander Alonso, PhD, SHRM-SCP is the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s) Chief Knowledge Officer leading operations for SHRM’s Certified Professional and Senior Certified Professional certifications, research functions, and the SHRM Knowledge Advisor service.   He is responsible for all research activities, including the development of the SHRM Competency Model and SHRM credentials.  

During his career, he has worked with numerous subject matter experts worldwide with the aim of identifying performance standards, developing competency models, designing organizational assessments, and conducting job analyses.   He was also responsible for working on contract task orders involving the development of measurement tools for content areas such as job knowledge (like teacher knowledge of instructional processes) and organizational climates (like organizational climate forecasting in military health care).

Throughout his career, he has published works in peer-reviewed journals such as Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, Journal of Applied Psychology, International Journal of Selection and Assessment, People and Strategy, Personality and Individual Differences, Quality and Safety in Health Care, and Human Resources Management Review.  He has also authored several chapters on community-based change initiatives in workforce readiness, as well as co-authoring Defining HR Success: A Guide to the SHRM Competency Model in Practice.

Dr. Alonso also served as a columnist analyzing major trends in the workforce for The Industrial Psychologist and HR Magazine. In addition, he has served on several professional society boards including the SIOP and the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington.


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