Using Tech to Put People First with Kristie Dierig

Technology can acquire a bad reputation in circles where the culture is all about people first. (Side note: All cultures should put people first.) But what people don’t always consider is that technology can help us ensure our people are well taken care of and that our human resources team members aren’t burdened with work that could actually be automated.

After all, our HR staff members are people too.

This week on the podcast, Kristie Dierig and I are talking about all the ways that technology can support the people in organizations, how to empower our HR leaders, and how psychological safety might look and feel different for remote teams. 

And all of this comes back to accountability. Who is responsible for the psychological safety of talent and how can managers, who may not be trained communicators, be more supportive of team members without looking and sounding performative?

So many great insights into leading in the 21st century.

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About Kristie Dierig:

Kristie is an experienced corporate HR director turned entrepreneur and consultant, on a mission to elevate HR’s impact by putting people first and bringing HR trends to life. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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