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Many entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses to sell. They have an idea, find out how to implement it, hire the team to do the work, then they’re off to their next big idea.

But the missing piece is the health of the organization. And since people make up 95% of the work in most companies, the health of those employees is of utmost importance.

Team productivity and wellness is so much more than hiring the right talent for the right positions. I think we’ve all come to understand that mental health plays a pivotal role in team wellness. Organizations have been coming around and finding ways to support employees in all areas of their lives, but are they doing enough?

This week on the podcast, I’m talking with podcast host and business consultant Martin Hunter about what questions organizations need to ask before thinking about selling. He shares his thoughts on changing the negative connotation that “mental health” has historically had, what leadership actually looks like, what generation is doing a better job at caring for the people in their organizations, what skills leaders are lacking, and so much more.

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About Martin Hunter:

Martin Hunter is an energetic, authentic and engaging leader with the ability to inspire people of all ages and walks of life. Modelling the way, he aligns all stakeholders to common values and creates singularity of purpose.

Martin brings his military experience to the business world. This structure and precision translates directly into operational excellence of safe, on-time, on-budget and on-spec delivery. Managing risk and addressing every challenge systemically, this balance between effective decision making and efficient systems provides his client the organizations the ability to quickly adapt to changing needs and opportunities, while sustaining quality business operations and brand value.

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