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Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Mental Health Challenges in Your Workplace?

You’re not alone.

We get it. As a dedicated HR leader or people manager, every day feels like a mission. You’re right there in the thick of things, in those challenging trenches. It’s like an unwritten part of your job description: watching some of your best talents grapple with invisible battles. Those whispered conversations in office corridors, the sudden email notifications of unexpected sick days, and, more recently, those downtrodden faces on Zoom calls — they’re not just fleeting moments. They’re a constant echo in the back of your mind.

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It’s not just about spreadsheets, schedules, or strategy. It’s about people. Real individuals with dreams, aspirations, and, sometimes, shadows of personal battles. And every time you witness it, a part of you wants to reach out, extend a hand, offer a word of comfort. But, amidst all these heartfelt intentions, the gnawing question lingers, pulsating with urgency: How?

How do you bridge that chasm between wanting to help and having the right tools to do so effectively? How do you transition from a silent observer to an active beacon of support?

Introducing the Mental Health Skills Training Certificate Program

Your Blueprint to Creating a Resilient, Thriving Work Environment.

Your Career Deserves More Than Just Theories

Okay, let’s be real for a moment.

You’ve been there, haven’t you? Stuck in those endless training sessions, doodling on the corner of your workbook, glancing at the clock, and wondering, “When will this end?” And even when you do manage to pay attention, there’s always that nagging thought, “But how does this even work in real life?”

I mean, it’s great to learn all those theories and models. But how many times have you left a training room (or these days, a Zoom call) and thought, “How do I even apply this at work tomorrow?” Right? 

That’s why our program is flipping the script. It’s not just about listening; it’s about *doing*. It’s about merging the “What is this?” with the “Aha! So that’s how I can use it!” Our live virtual case-study-based training sessions, led by certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisors, dive deep into the nitty-gritty of real-world scenarios. This isn’t just about learning; it’s about experiencing and practicing. We’re talking real challenges met with real solutions, tailor-made for the dynamic world you navigate every day.

So, next time you’re in the middle of a tricky situation at work, instead of reverting to those old doodles for answers, you’ll have a treasure trove of practical knowledge to draw from. Ready to jump in?

This Program is a Game-Changer for Your Career and Organization

  • Hands-on Learning: Dive deep into six modules, each 3.5 hours long, providing 21 hours of immersive, practical learning.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Our cohort-based approach means we limit our program to 25 participants. This ensures you get the individual attention and interactive experience you deserve.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Master the art of integrating theory with skills as you engage in small-group activities, refining your approach with peer feedback.
  • End-to-End Support: From a comprehensive digital workbook to an engaging participant community group, you’re set up for success from day one.
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  • Professional Development: Not only will you receive a Certificate of Completion, but our program also qualifies for Continued Professional Development (CPD) credits. A true testament to your commitment to excellence.
  • Financial Benefits: Canadian professionals, take note! This program qualifies for the Canada Jobs Grant (where applicable).
*This program qualifies for Continued Professional Development (CPD) credits.

** This program qualifies for the Canada Jobs Grant (where applicable).

Where theory meets reality...

...and you feel your career competitive advantage come to life.

$1,850 /person

There are only 25 spots available in each cohort. Register Today!

This Program qualifies for the Canada Jobs Grant (where applicable)

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Upcoming Cohorts

Mondays & Wednesdays
Twice per week, for three subsequent weeks
  1. Cohort 3a & 3b: Starts Aug 12, 2024; ends Aug 28, 2024, 9am – 12:30pm ET & 1pm – 4:30pm MT
  2. Cohort 4a: Starts Sep 16, 2024; ends Oct 2, 2024, 9am – 12:30pm ET 
  3. Cohort 5a & 5b: Starts Oct 21, 2024; ends Nov 6, 2024, 9am – 12:30pm ET & 1pm – 4:30pm MT
  4. Cohort 6a & 6b: Starts Nov 18, 2024; ends Dec 4, 2024, 9am – 12:30pm ET & 1pm – 4:30pm MT
*NEW 3-Day Intensive*
Three full days in one week
  1. Cohort 5c: Starts Oct 29, 2024; ends Oct 31, 2024, 9am – 5pm ET 
  2. Cohort 6c: Starts Nov 26, 2024; ends Nov 28, 2024, 9am – 5pm ET

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Why Should You Invest in This Training Today?

Career Growth: Become the change-maker in your organization. By integrating mental health practices into HR policies and strategies, you set yourself apart, paving the way for recognition, promotions, and career advancements.

Financial Returns: A happier workplace leads to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. Investing in the mental health of your employees can translate to tangible financial benefits for the organization.

Industry Recognition: Lead the charge in revolutionizing workplace mental health standards. Gain recognition not just within your company, but set benchmarks for the industry.

Employee Retention: Your investment in this program signifies your commitment to your team’s well-being, fostering loyalty and reducing turnover costs.

In the Mental Health Skills Training Certificate Program

You can expect:

  • Live virtual, case-study-based training provided by certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisors. (Ask about in-person group training for your organization.)
  • Six modules of 3.5 hours each provide 21 hours of learning.
  • A cohort-based program that is limited to 25 participants per group.
  • Practicing the integration of theory and skills in small groups.
  • Digital workbook for use during the course.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Continued support and learning via participant community group.
  • Qualifies for Continued Professional Development (CPD) credits for CPHR, SHRM, and others!
  • Qualifies for the Canada Jobs Grant (where applicable).

Listen to that Inner Voice.

You know the one. That quiet, relentless whisper at the back of your mind that asks if you’re doing enough. That wonders how many more employees have to suffer in silence before something changes. That yearns for a tangible solution to the mounting mental health challenges.

“What if I had the skills to make a difference?”

“What if I could lead the way in transforming our workplace culture?”

“What if I became the beacon of hope for every struggling colleague?”

Your aspirations are more than just dreams; they can be your reality. All you need is the right toolset.

Where theory meets reality...

...and you feel your career competitive advantage come to life.

$1,850 /person

Don't delay! There are only 25 spots available in each cohort.

This Program qualifies for the Canada Jobs Grant (where applicable)

Email us at to learn more!

"My team member went through a very tough time the past year...without getting into the details, he credits your mental health training with giving him the motivation to seek some extra support. He is doing great now."
Sam White
Director IT

Mental Health Skills Training Facilitators

Lindsay Recknell

Lindsay closes the skill gap for Leaders and HR professionals, up-leveling their careers by teaching them the mental health skills they need to know to feel knowledgeable and confident about mental health at work.

A CMHA-Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, Lindsay works with Leaders & HR Professionals to give them the language to know what to say about mental health at work, how to help while considering the moral, ethical and legal considerations and how to make mental health-related decisions in the best interest of the company, their individual teams and, most importantly, themselves.

She also has a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and has started and grown four entrepreneurial businesses in the last 12 years. With 15+ years of experience in facilitation, speaking, leadership development, podcasting, and content creation, Lindsay ensures all content meets her exacting standards and is designed to engage and educate in the most impactful ways possible. 

Brandy Zimmerman

Brandy is a workplace mental health strategist who helps leaders and their teams extinguish burnout, bolster well-being, and build a workplace where everyone’s mental health can thrive.

Brandy gives individuals the tools and skills they need to look after their own mental well-being and helps leaders & managers to lead in a way that fosters a healthy workplace culture, while reducing or eliminating the underlying (and often unintentional!) factors that undermine mental wellness at work.

Brandy has worked with corporations, non-profit/social-profit agencies and government departments of various sizes, and is focused on meeting her Clients where they are at with tailor-made advice, strategies and solutions. 

Brandy is a CMHA-Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, and former Associate Minister of Health in Alberta (responsible for Mental Health & Substance Use). She draws on a combination of scientific research, best practices, and lived experience to help individuals and organizations.

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Ever had that moment when you read a great theory in a book and thought, "Sounds impressive, but does it work in the real world?"

We’ve all been there. But what if there’s a place where that line between textbook knowledge and real-world challenges blur?

Where Theory Meets Reality…

This isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s your new mantra, your compass. It’s where your journey to becoming an unparalleled HR leader truly kicks off. But this isn’t some abstract, lofty idea. It’s tangible, palpable, and profoundly transformative.

Remember those days when mental health challenges felt like a vast, intricate puzzle with pieces scattered all around? Here, you won’t just understand the puzzle; you’ll have the blueprint to piece it together. You’ll not only read about strategies; you’ll master them and see them come to life.

Experience the genuine thrill – that adrenaline rush – as you implement strategies that aren’t just textbook recommendations but are game-changers. Feel your heart swell with pride as you watch team members transition from silent struggles to vocal victories. 

And the impact? Oh, it’s real and it’s big. It’s not just in annual reports or performance metrics. It’s in those everyday moments. The light in an employee’s eyes. The renewed energy in team meetings. The decrease in those “sick day” emails. 

Your workplace won’t just be another office on the block. Under your guidance, it will transform. It will become an oasis—a sanctuary—where positivity flourishes, productivity soars, and peace isn’t just a goal, but a given. 

Are you ready for this journey? Because it promises to be an incredible one.

If you have questions about the program, we are happy to answer them anytime. Please email us at to learn if the Mental Health Skills Training Certificate Program is right for you.

The Ultimate Career Catalyst for Modern HR Leaders & Managers