Organizational Justice with Nicole Butts

In this episode, we talk about the fear of pushback when you start talking about diversity, why it’s okay to get it wrong (because you will), the role of organizational justice in your DEI work, and the future of diversity work.

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The Top Mental Health Skills We Could All Use

“This is the one area we keep coming back to to go, “Are we making this as accessible as possible?” People are always saying, “I’m in back to back meetings,” we’re all on Zoom, right? You look at everybody’s schedule and it’s just hard to catch a breath. And we didn’t want this to feel like just another meeting in a calendar.”

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Addiction in the Workplace with Joseph Gardzina

Talking about addiction in the workplace can be tough but with mental health challenges on the rise, substance use is more and more prevalent at work. You have a great opportunity to provide a level of support that would truly benefit your team members and colleagues (and friends and family!) through addiction and recovery and this episode will share how.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in a Silo with Andrea Tatum

Diversity, equity and inclusion is vital work, but too often it’s work that’s added to someone’s already full plate. This is just one of the mistakes that organizations make when trying to do the work. This week on the podcast, DEI disruptor and consultant Andrea Tatum is sharing the importance of the work, how DEI professionals can take care of themselves, and why change is needed.

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