S02 | E03 Raising Collective Wellness with Dennis Shinski

What do you do when a coworker shares a mental health concern with you? Do they even feel comfortable doing so? We spend almost as much time with our coworkers as we do our families, so it’s important that we are able to act as a line of defense against these concerns. But, how can we accomplish this?

Today’s guest, Dennis Shinski, is all about raising our collective wellness, and he joins me today to share a plethora of ways we can achieve this. From simply acknowledging that things need to change to organization-wide training and education, he shares from experience how being proactive in the mental health space can create a culture of wellness that benefits everyone.

If you’re ready to take the steps to make it work in your organization, listen in!

About Dennis Shinski

Today’s guest is Dennis Shinski, a 4th year Social Work student at the University of Calgary. Dennis worked in the Trades & Industry for 14 years with many different roles from labourer to supervisor, before transitioning out of Oil and Gas Industry and into Grande Prairie Regional College to work towards getting accepted into the UofC’s Social Work program. He has worked and volunteered in the mental health field for over 7 years, and has been helping people in recovery from addiction for over 8 years. He was also in a documentary called “Digging in the Dirt” that aired on CBC. The documentary focuses on men’s mental health and the crisis in the Trades & Industry sector around suicide and addiction. 

Currently, Dennis works at a high school as a Youth Advocate and a FNMI liaison where he shares his lived experience to make a difference in the lives of others, inspiring hope and the courage to change. Follow him on Instagram to learn more.

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