Self-Aware Leadership with Susan Elford

S02 | E04 Self-Aware Leadership with Susan Elford

Are you aware of where you are along your personal leadership journey? Many people believe that those who are in leadership roles need to be doing all of the things all of the time. Today’s guest, however, strives to counter this point by teaching that we can all bring more value to our organizations by being self-aware human beings instead of overworked human doings.

This is a lot easier said than done, right? Fortunately, Susan Elford joins the podcast today to discuss how to actually do that so that you can live a more whole, satisfying life without sacrificing your impact in the workplace. Her biggest tip for self-aware leadership? Be a better leader by being better to yourself. Know what you need for workplace satisfaction and execute it! 

Listen in for more on how you can improve work-life integration in your leadership role so that you can more fully support and enrich your organization.

About Susan Elford

Susan Elford is a Leadership Coach and Business Mentor to ambitious women. The women Susan serves are often called to get involved with many things – their careers, their businesses, their communities, and their families. Susan particularly enjoys empowering women to design careers and businesses they love to work in, in the context of whole and busy lives.

With a 28 year career in Public Relations behind her, Susan launched her first business, Elford Communications, about 18 years ago where she primarily served not for profits, businesses, and the energy industry. In 2015, Susan launched her second business, Susan Elford Coaching & Consulting, so she could better support women building their businesses and careers through powerful leadership coaching, business mentorship, and PR strategy for small business. Always involved in her community, through her volunteer work, Susan brought Lean in to Calgary and launched Lean in Calgary in 2019 to further her mission to support women in leadership. 

Susan is academically trained and holds two university degrees, one in English and the other in Public Relations. A life long learner, Susan is certified by the Canadian Public Relations Society, the International Association of Public Participation, the Coaches Training Institute, and the International Coach Federation.

On the personal side, Susan has lived in Calgary for over 20 years, is married and is the proud mother of two teenage daughters. As a family, they have enjoyed many global travel adventures together. Susan spends her free time outside as much as possible, running, hiking, skiing and walking her very friendly dog.

To learn more, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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  • 19:24 “For a client to come to me, most of them are really looking to have some kind of greater impact and they just feel they can’t do it in their workplace. Like they’re either put in some kind of corporate box they have to perform in and they don’t feel that they can really do all of the things they wanna do. OR they’re not feeling appreciated.”
  • 24:56 “It will be really interesting how it plays out as people have to shift from working at home and integrate. Because it’s a lot easier to integrate and be aligned in terms of how you spend your time when you have full control of it.”
  • 14:27 “So a lot of the work I do with my clients is helping them be more human beings than human doings, which really supports the overwhelm. Making sure the things you are doing- it’s the right things. And you bring value by the being. By who you are, by what you bring to the table.”

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