S01 | E02 Human in the Workplace with Christine Bandy

Gone are the days where employees should be expected to leave their worries and issues at home. We need human connection on a personal level in every aspect of life, including in the workplace, and it has been shown that allowing employees to be authentic at work leads to more fulfilling careers and successful organizations.

Where can corporate leadership start to change the culture surrounding mental health in their organizations?

On this episode of the podcast, Christine Bandy jumps in the conversation to give us an answer. Just start simple. You know your people best. Listen intentionally and make the small changes your team needs to feel comfortable truly being themselves at work. Consistent, ongoing support and resources can create a culture shift toward an authentic, human workplace. Tune in now to hear more of Christine’s story and experiences surrounding human connection at work.

About Christine Bandy:

Christine Bandy is a Certified Human Resources Leader and a Psychological Health and Safety Advisor who knows the importance of talking about mental health in the workplace. While Christine has experience in many areas of human resources with businesses large and small, she is passionate about her current quest to ensure staff feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. 

She is currently working in the role of Benefits Specialist at Libro Credit Union, a certified B Corp in Ontario, CA. In this role, she’s been able to capitalize on her passion for helping others by championing mental health and wellness initiatives, ensuring the psychological safety of her fellow employees is a part of every discussion. She lives just outside of Hamilton with her family and when she’s not working, she enjoys indoor cycling, going on dog walks, and tending to her COVID-inspired plant collection. 

You can follow her on LinkedIn to learn more.

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