S01 | E12 Solve the Productivity Problem with Dawn O’Connor

When thinking about increasing productivity, what is your organization doing to support that? Many organizations fill employee’s time with meetings and throw task management systems at them that they don’t know how to use. And while the intentions may be good, the typical outcome is just added stress, wasted time, and less deep work done.

So what’s a real solution to the productivity problem?

Today’s guest, Dawn O’Connor, is a productivity expert and she has practical, actionable advice that can help improve productivity by reducing stress for employees across the board. With proper support, training, and boundaries, employees will naturally improve their efficiency and display higher job satisfaction.

Listen in to learn from Dawn’s expertise!

About Dawn O’Connor

Driven by a need to connect people in the throes of pandemic life, Dawn O’Connor built a community for individuals to work ‘separately-together’ inside a Focus Bubble. Focus Bubbles launched in mid-January and has surpassed 170 Bubbles and over a thousand hours of productivity! Bubblers work on projects and tasks that run the gamut from taxes, cleaning up email, and other admin stuff to creative writing, podcast prep, client work and PhD studies. The growing Focus Bubble community is kind, supportive, and welcoming.

To learn more, visit the website and follow Focus Bubbles on Instagram and Facebook.

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