S01 | E07 Looking to the Future with Jordan Friesen

It’s apparent that the “typical” workplace is changing, especially with such a huge shift to working from home during the pandemic. But what changes will we see in the next ten years, and how can we evolve our company culture to keep pace?

While there’s no crystal ball or silver bullet to answer all of our questions, Jordan Friesen hopped on the podcast today to discuss what we can probably expect. At the heart of it all is the fact that we are humans and we have needs and feelings. If a company’s culture and systems cannot evolve to accommodate the human side of the workforce, they will continue to face an increasing number of challenges.

From selecting the right people to adjusting how growth and development are viewed to simply asking your employees what they need, tune in to hear Jordan’s expertise and rethink the way your organization supports mental health and wellness.

About Jordan Friesen:

Jordan is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Mindset Mental Health Strategy.

He is a senior leader with many years experience in Canada’s non-profit sector, leading national initiatives focused on corporate mental health. Since leaving the non-profit world, Jordan uses his skills as a consultant to assist organizations who want to take progressive action to support the mental health of their workforce as a competitive advantage and business imperative for the future of work.

In addition to consulting, Jordan has experience in training, education, mentorship, public speaking, and research. He prides himself on being able to distill complex ideas into actionable insights for a wide range of audiences, from executives to students. He is a sought-after subject matter expert on workplace mental health.

Jordan is a registered occupational therapist who holds a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Manitoba.

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