Answering “What is Wellbeing?” with Sarah McGuinness & Chris Hewitt

How do you define wellbeing? It has a lot of different meanings, and it really depends on what lens you’re looking through. That brings a challenge to organizations or teams that are trying to do the work.

Many organizations have taken roles in human resources and tacked on “wellbeing” supervisor responsibilities. They know they need someone in that role but aren’t really willing to dedicate the necessary resources. And depending on what experience that new wellbeing professional has, this looks wildly different, even within different teams in the same organization.

What can be done about this? Actually defining what wellbeing and wellness mean and creating space and time for the person in the role to perform effectively.

But to get to that point, the organization and its leaders need to be on board with the investment of time, talent, and resources. This week on the podcast, we’re talking to Sarah McGuinness and Chris Hewitt of Revolutionaries of Wellbeing about changes in corporate wellness programs, why being proactive benefits everyone, and how to look at wellness through a different lens.

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About Sarah McGuinness:

Sarah McGuinness is a wellbeing disruptor, burnout awareness advocate and Founder/CEO of Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW). ROW helps wellbeing leaders to be change makers and to create better workplaces, together. With a community of wellbeing champions from organizations around the globe, ROW is dedicated to helping leaders to develop professional expertise, access practical tools and resources, and network with peers and experts to meaningfully improve wellbeing.

Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate wellbeing and behaviour change and has supported well-known organizations to improve the wellbeing of their people, including Sealord, the NHS, nib and Weta.

She draws on her honours degree in psychology and degree in communication, training in health behaviour, coaching, fitness and facilitation, plus a 15+ year career in the corporate sector specializing in leadership and organizational development in Australia and New Zealand.

She is a passionate mental health and wellbeing champion and is determined to reduce stigma and improve conversations around mental health, particularly with having lived experience of burnout, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. She has been featured in the media including on Stuff, NBR, Newshub/TV3, MiNDFOOD, Newstalk ZB and RNZ. Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn.

About Chris Hewitt:

Chris is ROW’s Commercial Partnerships Manager and brings 15 years of experience in the professional development and events fields, with his most recent previous role managing a commercial portfolio of publications and events in the health, safety and wellbeing industry. He brings a wealth of programme management and commercial partnership experience, and has strong networks across the health, safety and wellbeing sectors both in New Zealand and overseas.

He cares deeply about workplace wellbeing and is passionate about helping businesses lift their wellbeing performance. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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